The medtech industry places the highest demands on manufacturing partners; a challenge that we are happy to accept. As a solution provider, we control processes from a single source.

Medtech has become our biggest focus area in recent years. Today, Suntium is part of the value chain for numerous customers in Taiwan and abroad. Our prototype department makes it possible to provide sample parts at an early stage of development, which can be used to assess the viability. Thanks to standardized processes, we are able to ensure a consistent high quality from prototype to mass production and deliver on time.


At Suntium, each project is analyzed by a team of experienced technicians who will carefully examine your needs. A solution will then be proposed, often consisting of several stages, whether it be for your prototypes, pre-series, or series production.

Components for precision pumps and dosing devices such as stators, pistons, valves, pivots, and check valves require a high degree of accuracy. Suntium excels in this domain, regardless of the hard materials used.

In the analytical systems sector, Suntium has provided precision components of various not-easy-machining materials, chemically inert, and resistant to the harshest solvents.


Suntium Provides customized solutions to clients active in Industrial Sectors, such as Filtration devices, Flow Meter, and Regulator manufacturing.  We are able to do machining for those components from Castings, Forgings, Stampings, etc.  We have qualified long-term partners for post-machining processes like Heat Treatment, Surface Finish, and Broaching process.  We have Assembly capacity and we do Test Bench ourselves wherever possible.  So, Suntium will be the best candidate for your one-stop shop solutions.

Fluid Handling

Suntium’s solid reputation in the Fluid Handling sector is built on uncompromising quality, reliable deadlines, and competitive prices.

We manufacture components / assemblies such as manifold, check valves, regulators, pump, connector, inserts, etc. Some popular raw materials are Teflon, PC-TFE, PEEK, UHMW PE, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Hastelloy. Application markets are Automotive industry, Pump industry, Analytical Instruments, Drink industry, Flow Meters, etc. And, all these components share the same superior quality level and processes traceability.

Pump Technology

Suntium is a specialist in high precision parts and gears for applications in all fields of the pump industry, especially for gear pumps. Our extensive expertise is built on experience of many years producing components for this industry.

In pump gears, there could be “leakage” through the internal clearance in between gears and cavity housing.  Suntium specializes in minimizing the “leakage” by holding extremely tight tolerances when grinding the face width of the gears, and then measuring and matching the pump housings for minimal clearance.


One of the major different aspects Pneumatic parts have from parts in the other fields is that there are many holes intersect with each other.  This create a big challenge to get rid of burrs or flashings at junction areas.

With many years’ experience supplying and manufacturing components for this industry, Suntium can take care of this effectively.  Our people select appropriate machining cutter so as to minimize those burrs and flashings.  Thanks to our good CAD/CAM capability, our people depict exact “curves” where those burrs/flashings sit on and we can have additional cutter to remove them on the machine exclusively.

For parts with trivial residuals after machining, we have high pressure water spray machine to get rid of those. Finally, our operators inpsect parts under microscope to make sure customers do not see any burrs and flashings.