Suntium, a reliable supplier and strong partner

Precision, innovation and responsiveness drive everything we do at Suntium, one of Taiwan’s qualified companies within cutting machining. The key to our success – which is to have the privilege to provide components to some of the world’s leading companies – lies in our ability to combine cutting-edge mechanical equipment with the unique competency and solid experience that our employees possess.

Each customer is assigned a dedicated team of experts, consisting of, for example, a head of business, a head of production, customer support, a planner and a head of technology and quality. This measure of security and precision is what has allowed us to be our customers’ preferred partner for many years. We, along with our customers, don’t settle for less than world-class in all our undertakings.

In an era where new technologies are driving us to create increasingly small and complex products, our challenge is to be a reliable and powerful partner in the global market of high-precision machining.

Based in New Taipei City (Taiwan, R.O.C.), at the heart of the machining industry, we have been specialising in precision machining for over two decades. Our main objective is to fully meet our customers’ expectations over the long term.

We are also particularly concerned to ensure that our staffs develop to their fullest potential. Their commitment, their skills, and their extensive experience are one of the key pillars to our success.

Thanks to our infrastructure which is periodically being adapted, along with our wide range of products and services, we are able to provide customized solutions to every industry where precision, quality and responsiveness play a crucial role!


Customer satisfaction, staff enthusiasm and the longevity of the company are the three aspects which drive our business forward.

Our mission
We strive to be a strategic and trusted supplier of precision machining parts, as well as offering our staff a working environment that promotes personal development.

Our vision
We seek to provide industries with innovative precision machining part solutions, so that they are able to develop their own product in the best conditions. Our goal is to be proactive with all requests, offering a comprehensive solution that respects our commitments by providing an excellent service.