Quality Policy

  • We want more than satisfied customers – we want to inspire our customers
  • For us, quality is more than the product, quality is everything we do
  • Quality is the responsibility of all employees
  • Managers are role models for their employees
  • We plan quality from development of the product until the end of series production
  • Competent and friendly cooperation
  • Optimum customer service and short reaction times
  • Fast control loops for quality and costs (shopfloor management)
  • Zero-defect strategy for production and services (poka yoke)
  • Dependable schedules and commitments
  • Corrective and preventive quality assurance (CAPA)
  • Stable and reliable processes (TPM / validation)
  • Hands-on culture of improvement
  • Training of the skills of all employees towards quality-oriented action
  • We analyze the risk (FMEA / risk management) and implement measures to avoid errors along the value chain (CAPA) in order to ensure the highest levels of quality and product safety
  • Preventive maintenance (TPM)
  • Hands-on supplier management
  • Open-mindedness with regard to new processes and methods
  • Continuous research and development to maintain marketability
  • Development partnerships with customers, suppliers and research institutes
  • In-company training of skilled personnel and continuous training of all employees
  • Sustainable use of resources


We are committed to quality and respect the environment through our ISO certified management system. This is a decisive factor for the confidence of our customers and partners.

The ISO management system are internationally recognized and seen as a guarantee of confidence for customers. We have therefore chosen to use the proposed guidelines to build our internal development.

The ISO 9001/13485 enables us to communicate our willingness in various sectors so as to commit ourselves to quality and respect the environment, and thus strengthen our position on the market. All these guarantees allow us to create a bond of trust with our customers, based on an effective partnership.

At Suntium, the emphasis on quality is not only natural, it is essential. It is our driving force and a key component of our business. For over two decades, we have been committed to providing the very highest standards of quality in all our products and services. We ensure seamless process integration, from the design stage through to production. We strive to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. Our quality management system imposes stringent controls at each stage of production, which has earned us the certificates, and even more importantly, a very high level of customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 13485 Certificate


Being fortunate enough to be located in a rural area, we have made respect for the environment a key concern. We do everything possible to do so.

  • Rigorous energy management
  • Oil Mist Filtrations
  • Surface and waste water separation system
  • Chip dewatering and recovery with full internal storage
  • Sorting is scrupulous waste management
  • Retention bins in place in the chemical room (oil, diesel)
  • Monitoring the consumption of chemicals
  • Walls with sound absorption materials inside to limit noise pollution at site

Our buildings have been extended in 2012 to allow all our employees to work in optimal conditions. Our premises are spacious, bright and comply fully with current environmental and safety legislation.

3D Measurement Processes

Our hardware and software specialists adapt the probe-based (CMM) and the camera-based (VCMM) inspection systems to each particular application. We use a range of different measurement processes for sampling, for inline process control, and for final inspection.

  • Optical, tactile and laser-based 2D and 3D measurement processes
  • In-process inspections for most of the parts are integrated into production lines and manufacturing cells
  • Probing for critical dimensions inside of machine tools to maximize the efficiency, quality, capability and accuracy.
  • Adapted measurement solutions for specific applications

Surface Inspection

  • Inspection of surface, shape, profile and cleanliness in temperature and humidity controlled room internally and externally
  • Traditional and computer-aided contour and hardness inspection
  • Roughness measurements
  • Microscopic surface examination
  • Optical flat measurement for parts after Lapping

Equipment Calibration

The quality of the measuring and testing equipment is crucial to the quality of our precision parts. Many measuring and testing devices are in use at our company. They are regularly checked and maintained in clearly defined calibration cycles in our own company or by external calibration centers. The appropriate process and instruments is used depending on customer requirements and part specifications:

  • Length measuring machines and Gage block for Pin Gage, Ring Gage, Thread (internal and external) Gage, Micrometer, Caliper, etc.
  • Gage Blocks and Gage Pins are calibrated externally by accredited calibration center
  • 3D measuring machines for Function Gage, Clamp Gage, etc.
  • CMMs and VCMMs are calibrated by the original manufacturers.
  • Surface plates (Granite one) are calibrated periodically by people from external calibration centers.

Depending on the requirements and needs, different measuring and testing methods are applied. Calibration results can also be specifically reported on customer request.

Leakage Test

Many of our customers’ demanding applications require leak testing for their valuable parts according to specific specifications. Suntium can do this in house via custom made testing equipment by our engineers.

Other than a “GO/NO-GO” result, Suntium can work out quantified leadage test results back to the customer for further analysis needs or process improvements purpose.

Special Test

Some customers may need special test equipment for their project-specific needs. Our engineers in Engineering department will be more than willing to custom-make it for the customers.

Thanks to experience and knowledge of our qualified engineers, Suntium can do this during relatively short lead time economically.